Building Surveying

Building Surveys and Technical Due Diligence of Commercial and Public Sector Property

Our knowledgeable Building Surveying team can provide advice on the type and level of building survey, including advising and arranging for other investigation and testing by specialists.  We undertake site inspections and investigate specific building defects, monitor and produce written reports.  Our range of surveys and reports are:
  • Acquisition Surveys
  • Building Condition Surveys and Property Inspections
  • Schedule of Condition
  • Measured Surveys
  • Assets Management 
  • Estate Management strategies
  • Public Sector Condition Data Surveys

Feasibility Studies - Design and Specification

Our team have broad experience in providing professional design and specification in public and commercial sectors, in refurbishment and upgrade works, and alteration/extensions to existing buildings. We work closely with our Clients to produce outline design feasibilities with budget costs.  We will identify any areas of concerns relating to construction and legislative matters.

Dilapidations - Landlord and Tenants

The building surveying team have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of dilapidations for both Landlords and Tenants, we offer technical knowledge, and in accordance to the RICS Dilapidations Guidance Note. Our Services include review of the lease documentation, establishing the nature of repairing covenants and the likely consequences upon the parties.  We prepare schedules of conditions for entering leases agreement purposes, and negotiating on settlements, and advising on reparing lease obligations in the commercial and public sectors.

Party Wall

Our Building Surveyors provide expert advice under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, offereing desktop review of potential Party Wall matters.  We can act as the building owners or adjoining owners surveyor or third surveyor.  We undertake the preparation and serving of Party Wall notices, and prepare and agree the Schedule of Condition.  We advise Clients to have a Schedule of Condition carried out as it ensure accurate record is obtained prior to the commencment of the works.  We prepare and serve the Party Wall Award, which may determine the right, time and matters of executing any works or incidental matters to the dispute, and as necessary monitor that the works are undertaken in accordance with the Award.

Fund Monitoring

The team offer advice and support for banks or other commercial lenders.  During pre construction stage we establish the viability of a project undertaking of all the necessary due diligence, including assessing the context of the programme and forecasted financial costs.  During construction phases we undertake site visits, we will ensure the project are as per the programme/specification, and produce a monthly interim report, to assist with the drawdown of funds from the lender.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment of Buildings

The team will provide advice on reviewing existing or proposed policy details and cover levels, undertake site inspections and assessment of replacement building costs including associated costs - demolition, enabling works and professional services for insurance cover level and claim purposes.  We advise and prepare documentation in supporting claims and prepare estimates of the costs.  All reinstatement costs are in accordance to the best practice guidance provided by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.